Banky W responded to the sells of tickets for his wedding


Banky W response to the sells tickets for his wedding.
Entertainment singer and actor Oluwabankole Wellington popularly called Banky W who recently defied all odds and made it through his 3rd shoulder cancer surgery is planning to wed his fiancee Adesua Etomi sometime this month in South Africa.

The couple seem not to be the only ones making plans as some people have gone ahead of them to begin selling tickets for 35k on their behalf. The singer posted a disclaimer of this on his twitter page, warning well wishers to beware of the purported scam currently ongoing.

He Wrote:

Lol so I hear there are “tickets to the wedding” on sale for 35k. Anyone who believes that, there are some people very ready to sell u other things like “your bvn is blocked” and “I have an Uncle who will dash you $5 mill if you wire just 500k”. Good luck!


  1. Na wa oh..
    God will save us from fraudsters

  2. Nija at it again! Why do we like hurting one another?