Top 5 things Nigerian bloggers should stop doing


1. Unconfirmed Stories
Most Nigerian bloggers are used to this,all because they want to get traffic to their sites they publish stories without confirming how true and authentic it is. Some bloggers are in Jail because of this and many more will still go to jail, if they don't change their ways and be 100.1% sure of what ever they are posting on their blogs.
2. Copying and pasting of content
(bloggers particularly in the entertainment niche) are fond of copying and pasting contents. This is 100% wrong. Why not study the keywords used in the story/content and read for related articles and combine your knowledge from them and make your own content. Why copying other people's work which they have put so much in, it only shows you are incapable of thinking for yourself. copy and paste will not only make you mentally dependent but also kill your creativity to write unique stories.
3. Inconsistency
Today You start viewing a nice blog, after some weeks the owner gives up, What most bloggers don't know is that blogging is not an over night success it takes months of hard works to achieve good results,You must be willing to have sleepless nights. It isn't an easy task. For you to be successful in blogging it take dedication and seriousness. You can't just wake up one morning and want to blog because others are doing it and the benefits attached to it.  You should know your area of socializion.
4. Not being specific enough about your content.
Some bloggers especially newbies,wanna blog about everything from relationships to politics. I will tell you the fact it is not easy,You can't be 100% balance on all the topics you're covering - one topic must have much more posts than the other,it is stressful and frustrating and can make you hate blogging.
5. Spamming
Nigerian bloggers are fond of this You create a social media group be it whatsapp or Facebook the next thing you see is bloggers droping irrelevant links on the group or the topic Of discussion.Some even come into our inbox to post links.


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