Chidinma Ekile, AKA Ms Kedike, Nigeria star singer and mtn project fame winner revealed she was born blind in an interview with Guardian.


Chidinma Ekile in an Interview with Guardian said according to her parents, she was unable to see for some months.

she revealed she couldn’t see for some months when she was born according to her parents. 
“I felt the need to help kids that find themselves in such situations or worse”.
“So every time I travel to these places, I try to extend a hand of love to these children”.
“For some years now, I think like two years or thereabout. I’ve been using my foundation to do quite a lot of things. I’ve been able to take it to some places in Africa. The last time, I think I was in Togo and I was able to do a few things with the SOS village, I hope to do more of that.”

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