Do you think humans can turn into animals?

  • Annika Schauer.
101w ago
Michael Peacock who send me this question, would probably tell you that humans are already animals.  That is the technically correct answer.
But as for whether humans can be "less human" and something more primal can take over?  Yes, absolutely.  I've seen it happen.  It's happened to me.
There are moments in utero when a human embryo is basically indistinguishable from a mouse embryo. 
There are moments in utero when human embryos have tiny "gills" that disappear, just like the seaborne creatures we evolved from. 
And one thing we maintain into birth and adulthood is all of the brain wiring that dinosaurs and lizards and our earliest mammal ancestors have, buried alive under the shell-pink chestnutlike scrawl of all our neocortices.
You are in touch with your animal nature every time you get stage fright,  or have to pee, or suck on a nipple as a baby,  or have sex, or get overcome with road rage.  You are using leftover parts of your brain used for survival of the species--and all species that came before you.  Doesn't get more animaly than that.

  •  Lorri Robinson

An animal who likes other animals
101w ago
Nope. We already are animals; we can't turn into something we actually are.
If you mean can humans turn into some other genus or species of animal, then no. During our embryonic stage, our development mirrored the development of many different classes of animals, at at times the human embryo was indistinguishable from embryos of other animals. But that doesn't mean that, if there was some sort of mysterious intervention, that a human embryo would have developed into a horse fetus (for example).
Once we're committed to being a human embryo and fetus (which is determined by our DNA), the stem cells in the blastocyst differentiate into the various primal structures that will become the body parts of a human. Adult stem cells can repair damaged structures in the body.
But they can't suddenly decide to turn into wolverine cells. Or dog, or cat, or woolly mammoth cells, and end up in the human turning into that animal.

  • Suraj Gupta

Explorer, Idiotic thinker and Wildlife Enthusiast
33w ago
Do you see this guy below trying to get close to a goat?

That's Thomas Thwaites.
Thomas got bored of the monotony of human-life itself, and morphed into a goat. He used prosthetic legs to walk like a goat, an artificial digestive system to digest grass like a goat, and learnt to act like a goat to be accepted as a part of the herd. Though his experiment didn’t last long (3 days), but he got to publish his own book after that and won Ig Nobel Award ( awarded to honor achievements that first make people laugh, and then make them think)
So if you are talking about turning into a werewolf under a full moon, then NO !
But if you want to morph yourself to resemble as closely as possible your favorite animal, then YES!
Morph into a Tiger- like Dennis Avner aka Stalking Cat
Morph into a lizard-like Erik Sprague aka Lizard man:
Human- Pig Lab Hybrid
Recently, as per report published in the journal Cell in January 2017, researchers of Salk Institute, USA have been successful in infusing a human cell into a pig embryo.
(This pig embryo was injected with human cells early in its development and grew to be four weeks old)
The research was conducted as the first step towards creating fully functional human body organs within labs itself instead of having to scout for donors. However, it will still take years of scientific research and huge funding to pull that off. Link-Human-Pig Hybrid Created in the Lab—Here Are the Facts

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