"Who is popular Nigeria music producer Don jazzy father", do you think late actor Enebeli Elebuwa is Don Jazzy’s father?

People say that Nollywood is the best when it comes to dramatic tension and exciting secrets. For example, there has been a lot of speculation about the fatherhood of the famous music producer Don Jazzy. He did not confirmed or denied the rumors for ages, and some believed and speculated that the late Nigerian actor Enebeli Elebuwa was his father. Was it true or just another way to stir up drama? Let us find out who is really Don Jazzy father.

Don Jazzy: who is this person?
Many people know and admire Michael Collins Ajereh, a Nigerian recording singer and music producer. His is popularly referred to as Don Jazzy. He has been in the Nigerian music industry for many years and was a huge influence on today’s R’n’B and hip-hop development in the country. He worked with such world famous celebrities as Kanye West, Beyonce and Jay Z, which, we think, is very impressive. Don Jazzy has released countless albums and singles, and he continues to make his fans happy with his music.
Since Don Jazzy is such an influential singer in Nigeria, it is no wonder that many people would like to know all the details of his personal life. Mainly, there was one question that would not let the admirers of his talented man sleep at night: who is Don Jazzy father? The performer never mentioned it for quite a long time, and obviously, this led people to various speculations. Many assumed that his real father is the actor Enebeli Elebuwa, and these rumors were circulating wildly before Elebuwa passed away fromstroke in December 2012. Many people suggested that the star of Royal War and Bent Arrowshad a fling with Don Jazzy’s mother.
So, where is the truth? Is Enebeli Elebuwa Don Jazzy’s father or is it someone else? Let us find out what is really happening in the famous music producer’s family.
Don Jazzy
Who is Don Jazzy father?
Those in the media have been discussing this topic for years: who is Don Jazzy’s biological father and why does the music producer not talk about him? Since the rumors about Enebeli Elebuwa being the Don’s real dad started, both the successful singer and the famous actor denied them multiple times, however, it did not sound convincing enough for the fans. They continued to ignite new waves of rumors, and eventually, the topic of Don Jazzy’s dad became one of the most fascinating one for the Nigerian people. This also became a big mystery until Don Jazzy shed light on his paternity issue himself.
In 2012, after a few years of unstoppable speculations and gossips, Don Jazzy finally revealed his real father, and he did it casually in honor of Father’s Day. He posted a tweet in which he made it clear that his true father was a man named Collins Enebeli, and thanked him for being an amazing and supportive parent. In conclusion, he congratulated Mr. Enebeli on Father’s Day. After this event, it was suggested by the media that the actor Enebeli Elebuwa was just a close friend of Don Jazzy’s family.
Journalists have evaluated this confession as a huge sensation and have contacted Collins Enebeli almost immediately. He gave an exclusive interview, where he revealed many things about himself. So, who is this man and what does he do for living?
Don Jazzy and father
Turns out Don Jazzy’s biological father, Collins Enebeli, is the President of the Artiste Manager Association in Nigeria, so he is an influential person in show business as well. He admitted that he enjoyed his work because it is creative and challenging. He was a presenter of multiple TV shows and helped young people who were engaged in music, which later resulted into him creating his own music label. Even though he enjoys helping out potential artists, he confessed that he does not really like being in the spotlight and going out on red carpet events. This is why, in recent years it seemed like his influence decreased, but in reality, he is still working hard on the development of his business organization.
When he was asked about Don Jazzy, Collins Enebeli said that he is extremely proud of his achievements, just like a parent would be proud of his child’s hard work. He also said that Jazzy’s talent was given to him from above, and despite being extremely gifted, he works hard every day to conquer new heights. He called his son an inspiration for Nigerian youths as most of them can learn to develop their own skills and become as big as the Don in whatever they do. According to Collins Enebeli’s words, he is an industry insider and has had a chance to watch Don Jazzy create his own legacy that will last for years, which makes him incredibly proud and happy. He added that he is thankful to God for everything that has happened in his family.
Speaking about Don Jazzy’s music, Collins Enebeli’s recalled a time when his son was little, and he said that the boy started demonstrating his musical talent since he was thirteen years old. He also pointed out that he likes calling his child “The Beat King” because he always thinks of new ways to expand his music horizons. This is why so many people of different backgrounds and musical preferences listen to his songs and look up to him. In general, it was obvious that this man is extremely satisfied with how his rich and famous son’s life is going.
By the way, apart from Don Jazzy, Collins has another famous son, whose stage name is D’Prince. He talked about him and his new music in the interview too. He hinted that D’Prince’s music is misunderstood, however, he said he likes it a lot and enjoys the deep lyrics in his songs. He added that he never had any conflicts with his children and they always came to him for advice.
Collins Enebeli with his sons: Don Jazzy and D’Prince
Why did the identity of Don Jazzy’s father still cause disbelief?
Some fans were not convinced when they found out about Collins Enebeli. They started saying that this man is too young to be the father of Don Jazzy. Others said that he is not the real father of the famous celebrity producer because Jazzy called him a dad figuratively – like a music industry dad. Since then, the rumors about Enebeli Elebuwa have resurfaced.
It was reported that a close source to Don Jazzy’s family, who said he grew up with Don Jazzy, claimed that Enebeli Elebuwa was really the famous producer’s father. This insider said that the late Nigerian actor lived with Don Jazzy’s mother for a few years, until he ran away to Greece, breaking her heart. Eventually, she managed to raise little Michael on her own.
In one of his last interviews, Enebeli Elebuwa even confirmed that he used to live with a woman in 70s and then broke up with her, but said he did not know who his son was and has never heard of him or from him.
Enebeli Elebuwa
Some people have suggested a half-joking theory that Enebeli Elebuwa, apart from being an actor, was also a musician and Don Jazzy inherited his genes. However, the same can be said about Collins Enebeli, who is definitely an influential person in the music industry.
This Nollywood mystery will probably never have a logical conclusion that all the fans will unanimously believe. For now, it is known that the famous singer and producer Don Jazzy is calling Collins Enebeli his father, and everything else that have been circulating are rumors, as it was never confirmed by anyone in Jazzy’s family. Everyone has a right to believe whatever they want, so you are free to choose for yourself whether the mystery of Don Jazzy’s father is finally revealed or still sealed.
Source: Naija.ng

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