What is the strangest thing that has happened in Dubai?


François Marcadé
lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
40w ago
The strangest thing that happened to me is when my neightbor put my five year daughter at the wheel of a Mclaren-Mercedes. I have already written about it:
In a more general way the Fire in the Address Hotel in Downtown Dubai was pretty strange, it happened on the New-years Eve while most of us were watching in direction of the Burj-Khalifa. For a while we did not know if the light and the smoke we were seeing in that direction were part of the celebration or premature fireworks.
Di Zhao
lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
41w ago
i just answered this question.
The strangest thing that has happened in Dubai is there are millions of single men and women in Dubai and there are meetups, parties and events held every week, but all of them are still single after years and are complaining why they could not find a gf/bf!
Mohannad Ali
lived in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
27w ago
Well, reading all the answers below reminded me of all the things I know about Dubai being a resident for over 18 years. So, let me mention you something that is not mentioned in any of the other answers.
In 2016, Ruler of Dubai and the U.A.E Vice President and Prime Minister announce the creation of a new ministerial position - “Minister of State for Happiness”. Minister of State for Happiness (UAE) - Wikipedia which is currently handled by Ohoud Al Roumi - Wikipedia .
This is one of the many unique things seen in Dubai. To list more,
The 3 Palm Islands.

The World Islands

The Ski Dubai

The Dubai Police fleet of supercars driven around the city.

The ruler (H.E. Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Makhtoum) drives himself around the city at times as a normal citizen.

The Burj Al Arab, may be not strange now, but it was definitely a strange news when it was being built.

The Logo Islands neat the Jumeirah Palm, gifted by Nakheel to H. E. Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Makhtoum

The currently under-construction - Dubai Frame

The list can go on and on!!!
Bea Freeman
lived in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (2010-2016)
43w ago
It's all strange and odd . The strangest thing for me is that there are people from all over the world that are crammed up together yet you stay within your boundaries depending on your nationality , slave labour is used and seen , yet people just ignore it and do nothing about it .
Sneha Arora
3w ago
I have some interesting and collection of some very strange things that happens in Dubai. As we all know, Over 20,000 millionaires live in Dubai and also it is one of the most expensive cities to live in. It is is located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf.
But there are some strange things which can only be seen in Dubai only.
Wide Vehicles : There are so wide vehicle which you have never seen in your entire life.

Texting While Driving With Special Passengers : So funny!!

Lion Riding : So dangerous but it happens.

Here are some more weirdo and funny things in Dubai : 10 Crazy and Weird Things That You Will Only See In Dubai
Ali AlShamsi
lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
39w ago
In 2015 New Year’s Eve a massive fire burned one of the biggest towers in Dubai which happens to be right next to the tallest building in the world and the whole world news and media was covering that fire.
The building was emptied in minutes and the fire was controlled in couple of hours. Nobody died or got hurt and fireworks are used as usual as if it was nothing. Even in couple of months they reopened the building as if nothing has happened.
Other than that everything is strange and unique in Dubai. Heck you might even see lost peacocks in some of the streets or a man flying with jet wings attached to his back, snow slope for ski in the middle of the desert, underwater phon shop (as in the place you go for scuba diving), celebrities almost wherever you go… the list goes on.
The longer you live in Dubai the easier you find weird stuff normal.
Gokul Murali
Planning Engineer
27w ago
Santosh Neelam
lived in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
25w ago
FINE’s are most common in Dubai.
But strange in my case.
Its been hardly 2weeks i got my new license. So , I made sure to buy the parking tickets on priority.
I have brought 24hrs parking ticket for D-zone( 2x1- D,Charges: 24hrs-10AED) but unfortunately at 11:20AM i have rushed to the hospital and as zone comes under ‘D’ (2x4-D parking has same charges). So i haven’t taken the parking ticket.
At 11:45Am i have received the Parking fine with 150AED.
I have place the Parking ticket in the car front part (visible to one)
Dubai has good rules in place but they must even consider the situation.

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