Which of these world celebrity wore the worst dress?


Is this a human,is this a chicken? who can tell….

Please tell her Ballet class is cancelled today

Wrong at so many levels, What was she thinking?

Why to wear even this….I mean this is not even a dress-Fishing net

Looks like a bottle of a Loud perfume

Please don’t use your brain again,Clearly its not doing a great job for you

Those pockets can be used for shop lifting.Only positive thing i can find in this dress

Just because you are Rihanna , doesn’t mean you can wear anything and get away with it.

I want to go in this Designer’s head and start my research on it.

Last but not the least, this happens when you choose to trust your choice over your wife

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Shubhra Mittal
42w ago
I am not fashion critic and i admire creativity, but somethings are just plain wrong
Noone can be worst dressed all the time as you can always change stylist but there are some mentionable dresses in History of Red carpet which you can’t unseen after  it once.

Ripley Justice
86w ago
Kim Kardashian. She wears the same thing every day. Neutral tone sausage dress with a long coat and laughably high heels. Sometimes she wraps the fur of a tortured animal around her. It's like a uniform, with no thought or creativity. She has the fashion world at her fingertips, yet has a one dimensional look that is also unflattering to her figure. It proves good style is more about art than money, and hers certainly lacks the former. She also has the support of many of the world's top designers, but this is the look that she choses. For these reasons, she one of the worst dressed celebrities.
B.A. in FD
21w ago
I feel that the Kardashians as a whole take bad dressing to another level.
So does, Lady Gaga sometimes. And Nicki Minaj.
Anyone who wears just net and nothing else, is badly dressed in my opinion. People are meant to wear clothes, to hide the body. if not entirely, then majorly.
Net doesnt leave ANYTHINg to the imagination. heck, there is no imagination at all in play, neither when the dress was designed, nor when the person bought it.
Nathan Forester
14w ago
I definitely would say it’s Russell Brand, but I guess that’s part of his style really - even if that style does remind me a bit of Beetlejuice or Jack Sparrow crossed with Alex Delarge. Plus his style kind of suits his rebellious rocker persona in general. It works for him, even if he does kind of resemble a werewolf.
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