Why are there no churches or synagogues in Saudi Arabia but there are mosques in Israel?

 Apoorva Banerjee.
Because Saudi Arabia is the world's most religiously intolerant country I have ever heard of. Even Iran has a better record of religious tolerance. Iran hates Israel, but they got synagogues, especially of Mordechai and Esther in whose honour Purim is celebrated. Even my country’s eternal rival Pakistan boasts of a better record. They are literally a 16th century Wahabi radical fortress living in a 21st century world. Some of their incredibly racist and apartheid laws include: Apostasy, atheism and blasphemy carry the death by beheading penalty. Non-muslims cannot openly practice their faith. Any temple, church or synagogue constructed is at risk of being demolished and the architects can be sent to jail. Classic example of religious apartheid. Non-Muslims cannot enter Mecca and Medina. This is surely not what Islam teaches mankind. This is a flawed interpretation of religion propagated by the Saudis. Women cannot drive, vote or apply for jobs in public service and government. They also must always be covered from head to toe at all times while roaming in public, and must always be accompanied by a male member. Or else they can be caught by moral police. Malls, shopping complexes and restaurants are gender-segregated. No religion teaches the disrespect of women, and something at this level is just sad. The regime is 100% partial towards Muslims, with no respect for other religions whatsoever. They have committed some of the worst war crimes by indiscriminately blanket-bombing Yemen, that has killed thousands of civilians. Their radical Wahabi ideology is the main reason why India is fighting radicalised terrorism in the Kashmir valley. They raise and indoctrinate people to pursue jihad against “kaafirs”. Many Muslims in India and other moderate countries hate Saudi Arabia for this. They are not even tolerant towards Shia Muslims. There have been various instances of violence and hate crimes against Shias, that puts them at odds with Iran. Saudi Arabia has banned chess, because apparently it teaches you to go against a king, which is not acceptable to them. *Slow Claps*. Chess is such a beautiful game that teaches you strategy and planning, either in business, office, politics or military. Banning this means that there are some common sense issues. Saudi Arabia has banned Pokemon as well. This is because apparently, the stars you get as EXP points resemble the Star of David, the symbol for Zionism. On the other hand, Israel, which is frequently accused by the Arabs of racism and apartheid: Allows free practice of one's religion, as long as it doesn't infringe upon someone's else's religious practices. Mind you, this is within Israel proper, and I'm not talking about the occupied West Bank. And of course, these rights are for those Muslims who are Israeli citizens. For Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, it is a whole different story, many details of which I do not agree on. The Jew-Muslim rift depends on the place too. Cosmopolitan cities like Tel Aviv and Haifa have Jews and Arabs mingling, working, playing and partying together like everyday citizens. These places boast of a very pan-Jewish-Arab culture. However, I must emphasize that the rift is very wide in religious places like Jerusalem and also in places like Hebron, Jericho and Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank. Has ruled that only Muslims can pray at the Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa mosque. Any other religion is forbidden to do so, even Jews. This is a pre-negotiated agreement between Israel, the Palestinians and the Jordanians. Has hundreds of mosques within it's sovereign territories, and Muslims are freely allowed to pray. Although it is not compulsory for Muslim Israelis to serve in the IDF, Muslims can serve voluntary and their service and working conditions are at par with Israeli Jews. Has people like these:

P.S: I am comparing Muslims within proper, globally recognized Israeli territory and Israel's policy within the same territory with those practiced by Saudi Arabia. Please, please do not make it a forum for Israeli-Palestinian conflict generation. That is another topic entirely.

 Ahmed Shameer.
Simply because there are no Saudi nationals who are Christians or Jews, where as, there are Israelis who are Muslims and Christians. Foreigners who are in other countries cannot demand that their host fulfill each and every demand of theirs, just like a guest coming to your house will not demand that he/she be served specific dishes at dinner.

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