Who is the most beautiful female celebrity without makeup?

Vivek Singh
studied at Shree Satya Sai Vidyalaya
15w ago
Well for me one actress looks very beautiful without makeup.
Amy Adams.

She looks really stunning without makeup. Her charming face can glow up my expression. I really like her without makeup more and more.
Smita Khatale
64w ago
According to me Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor look beautiful even without makeup. Obviously makeup makes them look more glamours. For a celebrity like make up one must always start by apply moisturizer and continue applying Foundation and concealer to your face and than cover up with compact powder. Apply eye shadow, kajal, eyeliner and mascara for a perfect eye makeup. Dont forget to apply lipstick and lip gloss for final touchup.
Nilesh Mondal
21. Storyteller. Apologetic.
198w ago
Emma Watson.
All arguments are invalid.
Samuel Weber
High I.Q., A.D.H.D., 8 years experience in IT.
95w ago
I would say Angelina Jolie Who was voted the world's sexiest woman More than 10 times
But you could Look up The work of martin schoeller And decide for yourself. He has taken portraits of many celebrities up close without makeup Both male and female.
Hina Khan
works at BuzzFeed
156w ago
As a matter of fact most of the world wide known celebrities are not as pretty as they look like in front of the camera. but still there are some who look very pretty even without makeup.. check out this
Courtney Fletcher
138w ago
In my opinion, Demi Lovato. She is gorgous with and without makeup 
Riya Shah
57w ago
I think Kareena Kapoor Khan really look beautiful even without makeup. She is naturally beautiful.
source: Quora

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