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See The New Feature IN Whatsapp That Affects Facebook And Instagram

Whatsapp users can now play Facebook and Instagram videos within the app, with this new support that has been added to WhatsApp and it new changes, when contacts send you Facebook and Instagram videos, you can watch them inside WhatsApp without having to exit your conversation thread and go into other apps to view the media.
This comes after the app released support that allowed users to play YouTube videos within the conversation.
There’s a catch to this new functionality, however as it is only part of the latest iOS update WhatsApp released today.
It also adds the ability to add and remove admin privileges from other users in a group chat, and gives admins the power to edit the subject, description, and icon of a chat already underway.
The new feature is already being rolled out on iOS to some users.
Android users, however, will have to wait a while to enjoy it

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