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Black chyna's backside seems like its beginning to deflate after years of filler[PHOTOS]

Blac Chyna’s backside appears to have deflated probably because of the weight of her enormous implants – after years of rumoured surgery to make her butt as big as possible. The 30-year-old mum of two, who had a brief relationship and a child with Rob Kardashian, looked somewhat deflated when she stepped out in Los Angeles on Friday. Gone was the enormous booty of last month, where her bright orange dress could barely fit over her artificially inflated buttocks, and in there place was a rather flatter behind. It’s sparked concerns for her health, as presumably Chyna had to remove her implants for a reason.

In recent years there’s been a spate of exploding and leaking butt implants that can cause infection in the body, although Chyna hasn’t suggested this is the case. Instead, she looked pretty happy as she left Saks Fifth Avenue in LA flashing the peace sign and lugging a load of shopping bags into her private car before whizzing off.

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