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Meet 14year old boy who presently works with Google and earns salary of over $1.25m

       A glimpse of how he started
This is Tanmay Bakshi.A Computer programmer, artificial intelligence expert and all-around tech extraordinaire. The young lad has developed multiple apps, published a book, hosted a TEDx Talk and spoken at IBM Watson summits around the world including Finland, New Zealand, Denmark and Australia. But there's something outstanding about him: He's only 14 years old.

 He first caught the attention of IBM at age 11, Bakshi's rise in the tech industry began much earlier. While peers were stacking Legos and playing make-believe, a five-year-old Bakshi was learning how to code. His father Puneet Bakshi worked as a computer programmer for a number of years. As the elder Bakshi typed out codes, his enthralled son watched the process. "It was so fascinating to me how computers could really do anything," Bakshi tells CNBC Make It . "I wanted to know what goes on behind the back-end and see how you can control the computers and tell them what to do." Sensing this budding curiosity, his father taught him how to program. From there, Bakshi began using the internet on his own and reading books on programming.

At age seven, Bakshi set up a YouTube channel where he posted tutorials on coding and web development. With each video upload, he received thousands of questions from people all over the world. Realizing that there was a lack of knowledge about programming and machine learning, he made it his YouTube channel's mission to help 100,000 aspiring kids and beginners along their coding journey. Today, he has over 200,000 subscribers.

At age eight, Bakshi taught himself how to develop iOS apps. By age nine, he had his very first app, which teaches multiplication, accepted into the Apple store.

But as time went on, Bakshi lost interest in programming. "I always felt that technology was very limited. I always felt that the moment you put something in, it would become obsolete," says the teen.

His work took a new turn at age 11. While uploading a YouTube video, he stumbled across a documentary on the "question answering" machine IBM Watson and how it played Jeopardy.

This was his first time hearing about artificial intelligence and it instantly cured his boredom. "From there, I was just immediately hooked to IBM Watson and AI," Bakshi recalls. Within a week, he had built his first Watson app. Named "Ask Tanmay," the app responds back to questions by weighing the best possible answers before spitting out a response.
In an interview with CNBC make it

Now he is presently working for Google with a
Salary of 1.25 Million US Dollar annually,record of Tanmay Bakashi has spread like wild fire,Though the young lad is not seeking for the money,but he is just concerned in inventing more and building,and luck has it,he has gotten a better platform to expand more.

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