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What will you call this, Sacrifice or Stupidity! A Man Asking Out Bought Me Iphone X and Yet He Can’t Fix His Tecno Phone

This guy that has been on my neck, we are nothing really dating, he is just there but we talk and relate very well. He is a normal guy, regular guy nothing too serious about him.

What is more annoying is his phone, every time he complains about his Techno phone having one problem or the other yet he can't fix it and he wants to date me .

So my birthday was on the 6th,just a normal day, I did nothing special just chilled at home ,before I got a surprise from him,that same guy gifted me an I phone x . Bom I use an I phone 6,that is still very ok .

I dont get, how can u buy me a phone yet u cant fix yours . Is this sacrifice or stupidity. Abi love.

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