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Nigerians tackle 2face Idibia for saying “Nigerians should stop celebrating criminals”

 2face idibia has been asked series of question ever since he made the statement about Nigerian crininals not being celebrated.

Nigerian music legend, 2Face Idibia is getting
it hot from Nigerians who couldn’t bear
hearing his advice to Nigerian youths which
had it that “Nigerians should stop celebrating
criminals.” Nigerians have asked if he is not a
criminal too.

Speaking to Showtime in a chat, the “Amaka”
crooner advised the youths to stop celebrating
criminally-minded politicians who are only out
to loot public funds.

He said: “My advice to
the youths is that we should begin to
celebrate what’s right. We should stop
celebrating criminals; we should stop hyping
people that have done nothing to benefit us.”

While this can be deemed a good and comely
message, Nigerians are more concerned about
the messenger who in their opinion, is a
criminal as well and had celebrated criminals
in the past.

If you still recall, 2Face had sung
a song titled “I Dey Feel Like,” in which he
celebrated politicians like “Jolly Nyame” who
was later jailed for fraud.

Other alleged criminals he celebrated in the
past include Tinubu, Obasanjo, and Donald
Duke. Dishing out this advice today made
Nigerians bash him due to his past affiliations
with them.

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