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Oh my God!!!....Man's pen!s gets stung by deadly creature while swimming in sea[PICTURES]

A man has had his exciting
moment in the ocean cut short
after being stung by stingray
while swimming in a Chinese
city, Sanya.

The unnamed man was seen rolling
around on the beach in Sanya, in South
China’s Hainan province, after his
genitals were stung by the sea creature’s

The poor bloke has just decided to take
a dip in the sea to cool off on the sunny
September day when suddenly he was
running back on to the beach – stingray
in tow.

The ray had managed to get its barbed
tail stuck in the man‘s shorts and he
was soon on his back in loads of pain.
The video, which has gone viral and
racked up more than five million views,
shows the bloke lying down with the ray
beside him as the police, firefighters and
other beachgoers rush to help him.

Unfortunately for the suffering man, a
member of the Sanya fire service said he
and his colleagues did not have the
proper equipment to deal with the
So, it ended up being very difficult to
remove and unhook the spiny tail from
the man’s peen.

“On the paramedic’s advice, we cut off
the barbs with our tools.”
Even though the poor guy is said to have
been able to walk immediately after the
fire fighters attempted to remove the
spines, he did follow paramedics to
hospital for a check-up.

Stingrays can be poisonous, depending
on the type, but one witness said it’s
unclear whether the man was ever at risk
of venom exposure.

It turns out there was more than one
victim of the day – all of this happened
while the ray is thought to have died on
the beach.
Stingrays aren’t just the deadly creatures
we imagine them today – sometimes
they themselves are the victims.

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