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A Man From South Africa Was Found Guilty Of Sleeping With A Goat

Feselani Mcube a 33-year-old man from South African  has been arrested after being caught having s*x with a goat in Winterveldt.


According to Khumalo who owns the goat, he heard his pregnant goat making “strange noises” but he thought it was giving birth around 8 pm on the 9th of August, Daily Mail reports.

He said by morning he began to search for his goat because it went missing. ‘I went around the community searching but didn't found it. It was Later, when I returned home, I found the goat was back. However, it looked unwell.’

It was while he was trying to find out what had gone wrong that another neighbour told him that Mcube had been with the goat on his bed.

‘Initially he denied raping the goat, but later he confided that he raped her because he found her at his shack,’ he said. ‘I felt I should have done something to protect her.’

However, The goat has been taken to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)for medical treatment. Animal welfare inspector Mishack Matlou has said that it is the “highest form of animal cruelty’ he had seen.”

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